Acoustics Treatment:

The acoustic environment is often overlooked in home theater design.  Most of them tend to spend good amount of money on audio equipment placed in a room that is entirely hard wood floors, drywall, and glass throughout.  The effect is a highly muddled, boomy, echoing, fluttering .listening experience with generally disappointing sound quality.

Ever wonder why speakers sound better (clearer highs and tighter bass response) on the showroom than they do at home?  The answer is the room.  This is why any Salesman take you into a special listening room to test the speakers; it is an acoustically tuned space!  We being into the Home Theatres and Acoustics treatment, would like to show you how to bring that experience home

We as Primal Automation would like to bring that experience home


We create a world-class environment to enjoy your favorite film, television and music,.

Below are some of the steps we take care while designing Home theater. It is important that you perform each step in order, since the precise location of acoustic treatment depends on the location of speakers and listener seating positions, which must be carefully positioned according to a specific geometry.

Step 1) Placement of Surround Sound Speaker – Properly arrange the seating locations, video display, and 7.1 channel surround sound speakers in your home theater space.

Step 2) Placing of Sound Absorbing Treatment – Identify the specular reflection points that will require sound absorbing treatment.

Step 3)Placement of Sound Absorbing Panels – Installing of acoustic wall panels

Step 4)Install Sound-Absorbing Drapery / Curtains – Cover your sound-reflective glass and window surfaces with retractable and highly absorptive acoustic black out curtains.

We have everything you need to build your perfect home theater room


Whether you’re looking for the most theater-like experience possible or a way to get great sound with a minimum of gear, we’re on top of the latest trends

We install, support and automate:

  • Universal Remote Setup & Integration
  • Audio Receivers
  • DVD, Blu-Ray players & streaming devices
  • PC Based Media Centers
  • Surround Sound (5.1, 7.1 and 9.1)
  • Surround Sound Bars
  • TV (wall, ceiling, articulating, motorized)
  • Projector Mounting
  • Projector Screens (fixed, motorized, outdoor)
  • A/V Tuning & Calibration
  • Home Automation

Whether you’re looking to build a top of the line theater filled with state of the art components and theater style seating or just want to get the value for your money, we can design your A/V project to your needs.

The average home theater install includes;
A ceiling mounted projector and wall mounted screen (or wall mounted flat panel TV), speakers mounted on walls, Sub woofer, a surround sound receiver, all the necessary wiring and a universal remote control, programmed /automated to operate your whole theater.

The Professional Advantage:
When you have the Primal Automation Installation team complete your install, you know will be getting the best service possible. All wires will be properly ran and hid from sight when possible, appropriate adapters and connectors are always used and digital components properly calibrated. If we see that your theater experience could be improve by implementing a riser platform for your seats or any other platform or component we will recommend them to you.
Our team will run all component calibration programs, execute all sound tuning processes and automate in all aspects of your new theater system.